Weekend Preview: The Season Premiere of 'Boardwalk Empire' and the Series Finale Of 'Weeds'

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09.14.12 20 Comments

Boardwalk Empire (HBO, Sunday 9 p.m.) — If you haven’t yet, check out the 5 Best Reasons to Look Forward to Season Three, as well as Josh’s interview with Boardwalk’s Lucky Luciano, Vincent Piazza. That should be preparation enough for the season three premiere. Also, keep an eye on Richard Harrow.

Weeds (Showtime, Sunday 10 p.m.) — The Series Finale. OH GOD IT’S FINALLY ENDING, although WHERE’S CELIA? It’s been an interminable season, but it was nice to see Conrad back last week. The only thing I’m really interested in with this weekend’s finale is what they’re going to do with “Little Boxes” in the opening credits. Cast sing along?

Boss (Starz, Friday 9 p.m.) — Please tell me I’m not the only one watching this brilliant political drama?

Alabama vs. Arkansas (CBS, Saturday 3:30 p.m.) — This was a much better game before the Razorbacks (holla!) lost their starting QB and Heisman contender, Tyler Wilson, and got upset by a incredibly sh*tty team last week. Looks like Wilson probably won’t play tomorrow, either, so there’s goes the Razorbacks’ season. Damnit. If you’re a ‘Bama fan, congratulations, and bite me.

Doctor Who (BBC America, Saturday 9 p.m.) — One day, maybe soon, I’m going to devote a huge think piece to Doctor Who just to satisfy our small Who contingent here on WG. This week, the 11th Doctor goes from dinosaurs to the Old West, as we count down until the (presumable) death of Amy Pond. What has Moffat got up his sleeve?

Behind the Music (VH1, Sunday 9 p.m.) — How low has VH1’s Behind the Music fallen? Their 15th season premiere is about Train. TRAIN. The only band that Nickelback fans can make fun of.

SNL (NBC, Saturday 11:30 p.m.) — Seth MacFarlane and Frank Ocean are set to open the new season as host and musical guest.

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