“Community” Will Return To NBC In 2012

01.07.12 6 years ago 26 Comments

Between the mishandling of Conan O’Brien and attempts to make half-baked shows like The Cape and Playboy Club happen, NBC has been riding the short bus for a while now. What seemed like another major strike against the network has been averted, though, as dormant sitcom Community will resurface in 2012. The show will return to complete the third season; at this point, no fourth season has been promised.

When news broke that the network’s best show would be suspended indefinitely, the reaction was remarkable. Highlighted by the “Six Seasons And A Movie” hashtag movement, fans lambasted NBC for putting one of television’s smartest sitcoms on the chopping block. Whether or not the heads over at 30 Rock paid attention is unclear; for as much critical acclaim as the series gets, it’s a bit too avant garde for the average viewer. It’ll never bring in the stupid amounts of money that shows like Big Bang Theory or Two And A Half Men bring in. Considering how much money NBC loses to CBS and FOX, putting their eggs in a basket like Community isn’t the most financially sound plan.

But we’ll leave it to them to worry about the money. For now, fans of Community’s smarter brand of comedy can sit tight knowing that new episodes are on the horizon. And for those that have yet to experience life in Greendale, Colorado, it’s never too late to visit your favorite streaming video website and see what all the fuss is about. I’d suggest starting with season three’s “Remedial Chaos Theory.” That episode was better than any sitcom episode has the right to be.


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