Let the mystery be solved: The Leftovers has won this year’s Uproxx Television Critics’ Poll.

Continuing a tradition that began in the HitFix days, we asked 55 critics for lists of both their 10 favorite overall shows of the year and their 10 favorite new shows. (Then, when we put them all together, a 1st place choice was worth 10 points, 2nd place 9 points, etc.) Peak TV really hit home in the poll this year: where in the 2016 overall poll, 103 different shows got at least one vote, this year 146 different shows got named by at least one critic. (Interestingly, the increase in new shows getting at least one vote was only from 67 to 70.)

In the end, though, there were consensus winners for both polls. The Leftovers — HBO’s alternately devastating and ridiculous epic about grief, loss, depression, the end of the world, and Tasmanian lion sex boats — handily won the overall poll, thanks to the passion of its supporters: other shows appeared on more ballots, but Leftovers received by far the most first-place votes.

The show it beat in the overall poll was the victor for the new shows poll: Hulu’s religious dystopian nightmare The Handmaid’s Tale, which finished well ahead of HBO’s star-studded Big Little Lies.

If you scroll below, you can see every show that received votes, as well as links to each critic’s ballot. Clicking on each show will, in turn, show you the votes it received and give you a chance to look for patterns and oddities in the voting. And for more trivia — about shows that rose or fell significantly from last year, the show that got one first-place vote and no other votes at all, and more — click here.