CNN’s Alisyn Camerota Shuts Down Corey Lewandowski For Refusing To Condemn Roy Moore

Donald Trump’s former campaign manager Corey Lewandowski is making the rounds promoting his new book, Let Trump Be Trump, which chronicles his time with the then-candidate on the 2016 presidential campaign trail until Trump unceremoniously fired him. So Lewandowski really has no reason to be a Trump mouthpiece at this point, but for some reason he’s been going to bat for Roy Moore, the Alabama senate candidate who has been accused of preying on over a half dozen underage women.

Many on both sides are comparing Moore to Sen. Al Franken, who has also been accused of sexual misconduct by at least eight women, despite the fact that Franken has been condemned by many leading Democrats and Republicans, including the president, continue to throw their support behind Moore. When asked by Alisyn Camerota on on CNN’s New Day Thursday morning whether or not Trump should have endorsed Moore, Lewandowski was adamant.

“Well sure he should because look, the dichotomy of the race is very clear,” he said. “You have one individual who wants to come to Washington and stop illegal immigration, move tax relief forward for working class families and be a pro-Second Amendment individual. Then we have a different individual in the race who is anti-stopping illegal immigration, wants more taxes and is anti-Second Amendment,” Lewandowski continued, speaking of Moore’s opponent, Doug Jones.

Camerota then pointed out that perhaps Lewandowski was perhaps “glossing over” some facts about Moore. “Yesterday you called Al Franken a pig,” she stated. “Is Roy Moore a pig?” What followed was a bunch of doublespeak gobbledygook on Lewandowski’s part, as he was quick to condemn Franken because he actually owned up to some of the allegations against him, while Moore refutes his own accusations. Camerota was not having it though, grilling Lewandowski on his claims before eventually ending the interview.

During the segment, Lewandowski also referred back to Chris Cuomo’s interview with Kellyanne Conway on Wednesday and accused him of defending Franken, which he did no such thing. After the interview was over Cuomo addressed the claim. That’s all they have,” he said. “They all know what’s going on. We all know what’s going on with these allegations, everybody’s playing them to political advantage. You’re seeing it with the Democrats now with this mob moving on Franken. Does he get due process? Roy Moore’s supposed to have due process? Would they just kick Roy Moore out if he wins this election? How? It’s not how our system works.”

Anyway, Corey can say what he wants,” he concluded. “He just doesn’t say it that well.”