An Awesome Horse, Jessi Slaughter’s Dad Arrested, Etc.

Look At This Horse. This Horse Is Amazing.

Midnight the miniature horse was born with a partial left hind leg.  His owners neglected him until he was nearly dead, which is when the police intervened and brought the 4-year-old horse to Ranch Hand Rescue in Texas.  Midnight was nearly euthanized, but not before Prosthetic Care of Fort Worth fitted him with a peg leg as a last resort.  It was surprisingly effective.  I won’t spoil the surprise, you’ve got to watch the video. What a lovely horse.  I want to shower him with sugar lumps, and take him to the horse dentist.

Porn and Gambling Enthusiasts Jailed For Hacking.

Russian Hacker Igor Blinnikov has been sentenced to 18 months in jail for hacking a 600 square foot video billboard along the heavily-trafficked Garden Ring Road in Moscow.  Oh, did we mention he hacked it to play a porn video?  And it caused a traffic jam?  And when he was arrested he said he did it “just for something to do”?  He had previously served four and a half years of hard labor for selling only 13 grams of marijuana (less than half an ounce).  So, for future reference, if you want to sell half an ounce of weed in Russia, ask yourself if it would be more fun to hack three huge billboards with porn instead.  Choose wisely.

Meanwhile in England, hacker Ashley Mitchell has been sentenced to two years in jail for stealing $12 million dollars worth a Zynga Poker chips.  He sold $4 million worth of the chips for less than $86,000 to fuel his gambling addiction and buy a Rolex watch.  Mitchell piggybacked on a neighbors wi-fi and used the identities of two Zynga employees during his hacking sessions.  He slipped up and used his own Facebook profile during an attempt, which is how he got caught.  That damn “remember me” box backfires again.  Let that be a lesson to all of us: delete those cookies and, most importantly, never trust a man named Ashley. *waves at coworker*


  • Midnight the miniature horse now has a prosthetic leg and all our hearts. (adorable video at Gizmodo, picture via BWE)
  • Russian gets 18 months in jail for hacking a billboard to play porn. (CrunchGear)
  • British Facebook hacker sentenced to two years for stealing $12 million in Zynga Poker chips.  (Guardian)



  • Gene Leonhardt, the infamous “You done goofed / I backtraced it” father of Jessi “Slaughter” Leonhardt, has been arrested on a child abuse charge for allegedly hitting his daughter in the face.  Consequences will never be the same. (TheDailyWhat)
  • 400-pound sumo wrestler Kelly Gneiting just set a Guinness World Record for being the fattest person to complete a marathon.  He ran — well, waddled — the 26.2 miles in only 9 hours, 48 minutes, 52 seconds. That’s a blistering speed of 1.6 mph.  On the other hand I would have just died attempting that, so congratulations, Kelly. (LATimes)
  • Remember the guy who’s house has been mistakenly raided by the police 40 times in the past 18 months?  Make it 41. (Arbroath)



  • Facebook is now more popular than online porn in the UK.  This contradicts everything Trekkie Monster taught me of the internet’s charms. (BBC)
  • All of that sublimation is showing in Facebook’s financial standing.  The company’s stock price in the secondary market just rose to $34, pegging the total value of Facebook at $85 billion.  For comparison, it was valued at $50 billion in January and $65 to $75 billion just a few weeks ago.  Madness. (TechCrunch)
  • This week LinkedIn signed up their 100 millionth member (to Facebook’s approximately 600 million).  Those 100 million LinkedIn profiles include 74 members who list their profession as “Elvis Tribute Artist”.  Because, when you’re an Elvis impersonator, it’s all about a little less conversation and a little more social media engagement. (LinkedIn)