Ann Coulter Lashes Out At ‘Little B*tch’ Ted Cruz For Not Endorsing Trump

Despite calling Donald Trump “mental” and criticizing his decision to tap Mike Pence as VP, Sharknado 3: Oh Hell No! star Ann Coulter joined the Trump-Pence ticket’s media defense on Thursday. The conservative personality was especially unhappy with junior Texas Senator Ted Cruz’s repeated refusal to endorse the Republican nominee — so much so that she called him a “little b*tch” within the first minute of her appearance on CNBC’s Squawk Box. Needless to say, the discussion didn’t improve all that much in the awkward minutes that followed.

“Cruz started to imitate [Trump] during the primary,” Coulter explained. “You would think it would occur to him, ‘Every place I’ve ever been, everyone has hated me. My only shot is to tie my wagon to Donald Trump. Maybe I can be Attorney General or Solicitor General. And no … it’s Cruz who is the little b*tch who can’t get over it.”

Her harsh criticism of Cruz stemmed from the former presidential candidate’s refusal to endorse Trump during his Wednesday night speech at the Republican National Convention. Even junior Florida Senator Marco Rubio, another ex-Trump rival who made amends with the White House hopeful after the primaries, endorsed the nominee in a prerecorded video. But Cruz? Not so much, and like Sarah Palin before her, Coulter wasn’t happy.

When pressed, she admitted she hadn’t watched either Cruz’s speech or his comments on Thursday morning. Yet that didn’t stop her from quipping, “I’m beginning to understand why Ted Cruz has been hated by everyone every place he’s been, from kindergarten to the United States Senate.”

Check out the full video below.