Bill Maher Mocks Ann Coulter When She Plays Nice In A Hypothetical Scenario Of Hot-Mic Obama

On Friday, professional Donald Trump cheerleader Ann Coulter appeared on Real Time to promote her book, In Trump We Trust – E Pluribus Awesome! Naturally, Maher wanted to discuss the mounting sexual assault allegations against Trump, which Coulter doesn’t believe at all: “Three weeks before the election? Gimme a break!” Further, she questions why people are so fixated upon Trump’s “locker room banter.” Like other Trump surrogates, she can’t defend the comments, so she claims that all terrible things that surface one month before an election are bullsh*t. To which Maher poses this scenario:

“If a tape of Obama had come out at some point during his presidency where he said ‘Hey, Freddie give me a tic tac ’cause I’m thinking about kissing a woman I’ve never met’ would there be any kind of outcry on the right?”

Coulter delivered what many would perceive is an insincere answer:

“I would probably not believe anything from a hot mic/alleged from a hot mic or care about these charges if it’s right before an election. I mean, everybody, and I don’t really want to talk about this … but I will say that everyone on television has said horrible things on television that you wouldn’t want to get out there.”

Maher tried to point out that no one in television has said things quite like Trump did on a hot mic, but Coulter stuck to her point that the world has declared an “all out war” on Trump. In response, Maher mockingly threw up his hands and exclaimed, “I give up! You win … if Obama had said it, it would have been a ‘no big deal.'” The audience roared in laughter, and Coulter appeared ruffled.

Coulter then got so wrapped up in her furious defense of Trump that she erroneously claimed Bernie Sanders was for The Wall. This was the fabled structure — which Trump claimed would keep out rapists and drug dealers — that he pushed for over a year. But as Maher points out, the Wall has recently disappeared from Trump’s campaign website. What’s going on there?

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