An Effective Anti-Trump Ad Overflows With Awful Stuff He’s Said About Women

Just in time for one of the bigger Election Tuesdays, an anti-Trump Super PAC drops one of the most effective ads of this presidential campaign cycle. The Our Principles PAC launched in January with the express purpose of stopping Donald Trump, and perhaps they released this ad too late, for the leading GOP candidate is likely unstoppable at this point. Still, the group includes former staffers of both Jeb Bush and Mitt Romney, so they mean business.

The video is simple in principle and revolves around Trump’s own deplorable words. Specifically, several ladies read Trump’s most notorious quotes about women with a few sleepers. Everything from “bimbo” to “bleeding from her whatever” reappears with “fat pig” and “dog” making special appearances. Several words drop from the same Howard Stern interview where Trump claimed his wife, Melania, does not poop, ever. And there’s the unfortunate stuff he said about Carly Fiorina’s face when she launched a candidacy.

Other gems include, “You know it doesn’t really matter what they write, so long as you have a nice and beautiful piece of ass.” Then there’s one of the most classic Trump quotes of all time: “Women, you have to treat them like sh*t.” This guy, so shameless.