Armed Protesters Are Waiting For Brock Turner’s Arrival To His Family Home

About a dozen armed, open-carry protesters have gathered outside of the family home of rapist Brock Turner to protest against Turner’s sentence. Earlier this year, Turner was convicted on three charges of felony sexual assault and was given a six-month jail sentence, of which he served three months. Public outcry over Turner’s sentence has been overwhelming, with many believing he got off light and his case was another example of white male privilege.

The protesters have been waiting for the convicted sex offender’s arrival after he completed his sentence and have built signs saying “castrate rapists” and “shoot your local rapist” as well as drawing a large arrow to his parent’s house, with a giant “rapist” spelled out in chalk. The local fire station then washed the messages away.

According to Ohio’s local news station WHIO, some protesters were bringing their children to educate them.

“The reason we decided to bring the kids is to teach them, at a young age, that 20 minutes of wrongdoing to someone…that can ruin your life forever ,” said one mother who brought her children.

She said she is “furious” that she has Turner and his family as neighbors. “They feel like a cancer to us and we need to get them out of here.”

According to Buzzfeed, Turner has still not registered as a sex offender with the Green County Sheriff’s Office.

(Via Buzzfeed & WHIO)