A Veteran Is Raising Money So Trump Can Actually ‘Earn’ A Purple Heart The Old-Fashioned Way

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Despite dodging the draft five times during the Vietnam War, Donald Trump was given a knock-off Purple Heart this week at a rally in Virginia, stating something that has clearly affected his poll numbers, “I always wanted to get the Purple Heart. This was much easier.” Of course a Purple Heart is something no one strives to obtain, but a combat veteran who served in Afghanistan and lost a leg earning an actual Purple Heart is trying to make Trump’s dream become a reality by setting up a GoFundMe so Trump can earn his Purple Heart the old-fashioned way.

Cameron Kerr, who is a decorated Army veteran, is raising money so Trump can be sent to a war zone. On the GoFundMe page, Kerr states that, “it’s never too late to follow your dreams.” Kerr is actually being quite generous and is allowing Trump to choose the conflict zone where he would like to earn his medal. As of Saturday afternoon, Kerr has raised over $21,000 out of his goal of $30,000. Of course, Trump would be able to wiggle his way out of this too and Kerr knows that. That’s why all of the money donated will be to organizations that help Syrian refugees; a group of people Donald Trump absolutely detests. Hey, Donald, maybe you should take Kerr up on his offer. We hear Ukraine is beautiful in November.

(Via Huffington Post)