A CNN Anchor Told A Literal Nazi Poised To Nab The GOP Nomination In Illinois He’ll ‘Go Down In Flames’

If you don’t know who Arthur Jones is, then you’re probably not a potential voter residing in Illinois’s third congressional district. That, or you didn’t immediately click on links to articles discussing said district’s likely GOP nominee, Jones — a man who just so happens to be a Holocaust denier and a literal Nazi. But never fear, for CNN’s Alisyn Camerota swooped in during an interview segment on Thursday’s New Day with Jones to cure everyone of their blissful ignorance. And just in case you were wondering if the interview went off the rails, it did — so much that Camerota predicted Jones would “go down in flames.”

“You’re website is filled with the most vile, rancid rhetoric I think I’ve ever read,” Camerota declared after an opening discussion of whether or not Jones was a Nazi or, in his words, an “American patriot and statesman.” In response, the congressional hopeful declared, “It’s not vile and rancid, it’s the truth! There’s nothing on that website that’s not true. I personally put that stuff on there. I personally picked out the articles on there because they’re true. Now I can’t help it that you don’t want to accept the truth.” When Camerota tried to interject, Jones went even further: “You jews media, you’ve gone absolutely nuts!”

Hence the CNN anchor’s concluding declaration. “You’ve run for Congress and you’ve lost for mayor, for alderman, and we’re not in the business of predicting the news, but I can say that you will lose this race. You couldn’t win dogcatcher,” she told an increasingly irate Jones. “We heard your opinion and we’ll see what happens. Chances are you’ll go down in flames.” Check out the wild six-minute exchange below in its entirety.

(Via Mediaite and New York Times)