Bad Lip Reading Turns The Second Presidential Debate Into A Poetry Slam For The Ages

It’s been almost two weeks since the second presidential debate, but Bad Lip Reading has finally delivered their take, and it was definitely worth the wait. The town-hall style event was tailor made for this treatment, which turned into a poetry slam. Because of course.

Donald Trump kicks things off, but it’s rather surprising to learn that “Trump” — who favors word salad rants — doesn’t perform as well stringing together poetry. Then, Clinton takes a stab at describing her brown bikini and one-ups her opponent. Audience members duck in at times while the pattern continues, and the product is marginally more interesting than the debate itself. One point of interest occurs during Trump’s awkward answer to why he’s “kinda nasty,” and then his answer is also assessed as “kinda nasty.” Also really gross? The part where a bunch of flies land on Clinton’s face, and it turns into a Westworld episode where she doesn’t notice.

Like the debate itself, the high point of this clip happens after the 3:00 minute mark when Ken Bone shows up. He doesn’t receive the kindest treatment here, but then again, neither does anyone else. Bad Lip Reading is merciless in its efforts to put more awful words into people’s mouths, and no one shall ever escape unscathed.

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