Billy Baldwin Invites George Takei To Thanksgiving To Break Up The Brothers’ Ongoing Trump Fight

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In a heated election season, there is bound to be some wars of words among family members. Fighting at the dinner table isn’t uncommon this type of year, and Thanksgiving will be even more contentious than usual. One family that is feeling the effects of this election just happens to be the famous Baldwin brothers, with Stephen and Billy trading barbs among each other to social media’s delight.

Donald Trump has been known to attract some celebrity fans, and one of them is Stephen Baldwin. The Youngest Baldwin brother has been a staunch Trump supporter and has fought anyone who would say otherwise.

Stephen is so loyal to Trump that he will even slight family members — he feels that brother Alec’s impression of The Donald not very funny. (But remember, this was the guy who was in Bio-Dome, so his interpretation of funny should be taken with a grain of salt.) Stephen recently doubled down on his commitment to Trump, for he believes that if his veteran father were alive today, he would be ashamed at the media bias directed at his favorite presidential choice.

Invoking the feelings of a dead family member may be a bit extreme, and not all of the Baldwin clan appreciated what Stephen had to say. Older brother Billy shot back, saying their father wouldn’t wouldn’t be frustrated at the supposed media bias.

Thanksgiving may be a messy affair at the Baldwin residence this year, but thankfully they have a mediator. George Takei stepped into the fray, and Billy invited him to the party.

Billy also took on the notion there was any sort of media bias against Trump with several tweets.

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