This Barber Allegedly Pulled A Gun On A Customer After Claiming To Not Cut ‘Black Hair’


Sometimes it’s a good idea to slow down, take a deep breath, and try to comprehend all of the stuff that is going on. America is in a pretty strange place right now, with political and ideological divides only widening and in a way, it’s sort of heartbreaking. Everyone seems to have a different view of what direction we collectively are moving towards, but just about everyone agrees that it’s not looking great, although the reasons for believing it to be a wrong direction are in tense disagreement.

Race relations still haven’t really gotten better, as evidenced by this story coming out of South Carolina. Gawker reports that a barber in South Carolina refused to cut the hair of an African American man and that he didn’t do it politely. Arthur Hill walked into Larry Thomas’ barbershop and the response from Thomas was that he didn’t “cut black hair.” When Hill asked to elaborate if he meant African American, Thomas had already pulled a gun on him.

Thomas claimed that he keeps his guns locked up in a shed behind the shop and that he doesn’t cut black hair because he doesn’t know how to. Regardless, this is another strange case of a clash that probably didn’t need to happen. This isn’t the first time that Thomas has had run ins with the law thanks to his behavior, either, ABC News reports, claiming that he was in trouble in 2007 for pepper spraying a customer.

(Via Gawker/ABCNews)