‘The Tonight Show’ Reimagined Bernie Sanders As A Rapper Last Night

Bernie Sanders: Aspiring MC? The Tonight Show seems to like the Democratic nomination hopeful’s brand of hip-hop even if the Vermont senator hasn’t actually entered the rap game in any capacity.

Mesmerized by the way the Brooklyn-born politican used the phrase “this is what you do do” during his debate with Hillary Clinton, host Jimmy Fallon thought a hot track could be cultivated from its existence. Is it largely because “doo doo” is another word for poo? You better believe it is!

“No wonder Bernie is the No. 2 candidate,” cracked Fallon.

You might expect the video remix to remodel Bernie’s words to be something in the realm of Montell Jordan’s R&B godsend “This Is How We Do It.” The late night program elected to go a different route with a straightforward minimalist rap aesthetic with some video scratches thrown in for good measure. It probably won’t soar up the charts, but it’s a cute (if very brief) entry into Fallon’s re-edited rapper canon.

Having a musical appearance in-person or otherwise on The Tonight Show doesn’t guarantee success, mind you. Jeb! popped by to “Slow Jam The News” and in April 2016 he’s located somewhere in the Springfield Mystery Spot. We are curious who might get a video remix next. Maybe Hillary’s due for a nü-metal interpretation or Ted Cruz could go sophisti-pop or ska-Trump is somewhere in the realm of possibility. It’s your call, Fallon.