Bryan Singer Has Been Removed As The Executive Producer Of ‘Legion’ Following Sexual Misconduct Allegations


Following the allegations that he raped a teenage boy in 2003, director Bryan Singer has been facing serious career backlash. After failing to return to the set of the Queen biopic Bohemian Rhapsody ahead of the allegations becoming public, Singer was removed as the director of the film despite the fact that production was already well underway.

Well, that is just the beginning. It was revealed on Friday at the Television Critics Association panel for Legion that Singer has been removed as the executive producer of the trippy FX show as well. According to showrunner Noah Hawley, “Bryan asked to take his name off the show, so we have done that.” It’s certainly more a symbolic gesture than anything, as Hawley explained that Singer’s involvement was minimal.

“Very early on in the conception of the show, I met him a couple of times. He was interested in directing the pilot, but once I stepped in to direct, I haven’t spoken to him since that moment. Really, he was a name on the screen.”

What is less clear is Singer’s involvement in the rest of the X-Men universe, as he is still involved with The Gifted (he directed the pilot, which guaranteed him an EP credit) and the upcoming Dark Phoenix film. Perhaps those involved should just listen to Jessica Chastain on this one.

(Via Deadline)