Charlie Sheen Has Been Accused Of Murder And Knowingly Spreading HIV By Former Pal Lenny Dykstra

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Both Charlie Sheen and Lenny Dykstra are back in the news, and the news isn’t all that great. According to the latter, who spoke at length to The Hollywood Reporter, he learned a lot about the former during their long and tumultuous friendship, which is currently no more. One of Dykstra’s revelations included additional corroboration for previous allegations that Sheen, who revealed he was HIV-positive in 2015, withheld the diagnosis from several sexual partners. Yet one of the more surprising (and damning) accusations made by the ex-baseballer was his belief that the actor arranged for an ex-assistant’s murder.

Rick Calamaro, the aforementioned assistant who died in 2012 and was posthumously celebrated as a “nightlife visionary,” was “discovered July 1 by his maid, lying face up in his bed beside a bottle of Jack Daniel’s, in his longtime Fairfax district apartment.” Based on an autopsy and evidence collected from the scene, the authorities concluded “the manner of death is accident” at the time. Yet Dykstra contends Calamaro was writing a tell-all book about Sheen, and that the actor later suggested this was the reason he decided to have him “iced”:

After he got out of jail, says Dykstra, he asked Sheen, “What the f*** happened to Calamaro?” who had overdosed while Dykstra was in prison. “He said, ‘You mean Dead Rick? What f***ing happened is the motherf***er tried to blackmail me just like you said — wanted $5 million. I had him f***ing iced.’ He said he had a hot dose put in there,” using slang for a lethal intravenous injection prepared for an unsuspecting victim.

As THR notes, Dykstra offered no proof for his accusation. Shane Bernard, Sheen’s current lawyer, also denied it outright while referencing the ex-convict’s “laundry list of crimes” as evidence his “disturbing, vile and outright ridiculous claims” could not be trusted. The actor’s longtime friend Tony Todd also told THR that even if Sheen had done such a thing, he wouldn’t tell Dykstra all about it.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)