Chuck Schumer Fired Several Shots At Trump For Sitting ‘On The Sidelines’ During The Shutdown

On Monday, the Senate voted to approve a spending bill to end the government shutdown that began at midnight on Saturday. The vote still needs to go to the House, where it shall likely pass, but none of this happened before Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer (D-NY) fired several shots at President Trump, who he says did nothing to ease deliberations all weekend. As Schumer said in a floor speech, “The great, deal-making president sat on the sidelines.”

Schumer blamed the shutdown on the lack of a clear directive for Republicans from Trump, who he said “turned away from two bipartisan compromises” that could have averted the shutdown. He criticized Trump for an “unwillingness to compromise,” which Schumer says led to the shutdown. Schumer continued his lecture: “It’s a shame, Mr. President that the American people and the Senate have had to endure such hand-wringing, finger-pointing stridency.”

The Senate minority leader then credited a bipartisan group for reaching what he described as a “good agreement,” which he says overcame Trump’s blaming of Democrats and demand for the so-called “nuclear option” to end the stalemate. While referring to Trump as “obstinate,” Schumer added that the agreement reached today has been based upon a commitment to either settle the DACA issue by February 8 or start new legislation to that effect.

Watch Schumer’s full floor speech below.

(Via CBS News & C-SPAN)