Cinemark Is Going After The Aurora Movie Theater Shooting Victims For Legal Fees

Getty Image / Shutterstock

Last year, victims of the Aurora, Colorado shooting were comforted to know that the gunman James Holmes was given a prison sentence that would never let him see the light of day, which brought some solace to the victims of the third deadliest shooting in the United States, which claimed 12 lives and left 70 others with serious wounds. But now Cinemark will be hitting the victims with a hefty bill to pay after the movie theater chain was proven to not have been responsible for any wrongdoing during the Aurora incident.

According to Deadline, the nation’s third-largest theater chain is seeking retribution to cover legal fees that are close to $700,000. In the state of Colorado a winner of a civil case is able to seek costs. The civil trial between Cinemark and the victims lasted years, however, last month a jury unanimously came to a verdict which was in favor of Cinemark.  Marc Bern, the lawyer representing the victims did say that there were going to appeal the case, so this “could be a heavy-handed ploy by the chain in an attempt to halt any such appeal in return for dropping its own financial action.”

(Via Deadline)