The Climate Change Policies Of Every Serious Presidential Contender

In July 2019, only four percent of Americans said that climate change is the most important issue facing our country today. According to Gallup, Americans are more concerned with immigration, race relations, health care, and “the government.” But climate change is directly affecting migration patterns; a vast number of environmental disasters directly impact people of color and poor people in the U.S.; and you can’t talk about health care without talking about how climate change is going to worsen health outcomes for many Americans.

In other words: despite public perception, climate change is very likely the most important issue facing humans today, its tendrils reaching into every facet of human life. With that in mind and the 2020 presidential election looming on the horizon, we compiled the climate change policies of all of the serious presidential candidates — Democrats who qualified for the third Democratic debate and sitting President Donald Trump. Here’s which steps each of them hopes to see the nation take in the near future.