Photos From The Climate March Show A Nation Longing For Change

Yesterday, millions of young people all across the world participated in a global march in support of dramatic climate action. On Friday morning, marches began to spread across Australia, through to Asia, Europe, Africa, and the American continents as protestors took to the streets in the hopes of convincing elected officials and world leaders to finally legislate the changes we’ve been all dragging our feet on for far too long.

According to the Huffington Post, there were 800 protests planned across America alone, with a notable march through the streets of New York City led by 16-year-old climate activist Greta Thunberg — who previously inspired more than 1.4 million young people around the world to stage a mass climate protest last March, after she held a solo protest in her home country of Sweden. Protestors in San Francisco plan on beginning their strike right in front of House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s office.

Guardian Australia reported a total turnout of over 265,000 for the march in Australia as the march began on the east coast. Estimates for the NYC march are currently hovering around 300,000. Students in Los Angeles also took to the streets by the thousands — with protests of some sort in virtually every major American city.

In short: the day made history. And seeing how many young people gave their time and energy to support the planet is enough to fill even the most cynical among us with hope.

Take a look at the people on the front lines of the battle for a livable planet Earth!

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How about we fuckin save the planet please 🌏🍃🌱

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Сегодня начинается ВСЕМИРНАЯ неделя климатических протестов и акций! Миллионы людей из тысяч городов по всему миру вышли на улицы с требованием остановить изменение климата и привлечь внимание к проблемам экологии и неминуемым катастрофичным последствиям Глобального потепления (именно с 20 по 27 сентября пройдёт саммит ООН по климату, где лидеры стран будут принимать важные решения) Мэрия Москвы отказала в проведении массового пикета и митинга, но данное мероприятие согласовано в десятках других городов России. А многие выходят на одиночные пикеты. @fridaysforfuture.russia @greenpeaceru #сохранениеокружающейсредыэкономическиневыгодно#всемирнаянеделяклиматическихпротестов#спаситепланету#глобальноепотепление#заклимат#забастовказаклимат#забастовказаклиматмосква#одиночныйпикет#спасемпланетувместе#экология#климатическийкризис##fff#fridaysforfuture#climatestrike#unitedforclimate#globalstrikeforfuture#actnow#gretathunberg#fridaysforfuturerussia#fridaysforfuturemoscow#moscow#ecology

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