Here’s Donald Trump Creepily Lurking Uncomfortably Close To Hillary Clinton During The Debate

Unlike the first presidential debate, where they stood stationery behind a podium, Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump were free to wander the stage during tonight’s town hall-style debate at Washington University in St. Louis. It led to some uncomfortable moments, mostly for Trump who often stood behind his opponent like the monster from It Follows. This is why politicians don’t just go over their talking points to prepare for a debate — they have to be aware of how they look on camera. All Trump seemed to care about was being on camera, constantly. Even at the risk of coming across as creepy.

And boy did he come across as creepy. “Trump scowling and pacing behind Clinton just keeps getting more hair-raising to watch, especially when he threatens to jail her if he wins,” one Twitter user wrote. Another added, “Weird, Trump crowding right up behind Clinton as she answers Obamacare question, lurking thuggishly behind her in all his morbid foul funk” and, “In a normal debate, Trump standing near Clinton would be the definitive moment. Tonight, it’s like the 12th most insane thing to happen.”

Is it odd? Sure. Is it threatening? Yup. But on the bright side: thousands of couples now have their Halloween costume.