Condi Rice Asks Voters To ‘Reject Bigotry, Sexism, And Intolerance’ In Alabama’s Special Election

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With ex-presidential robocalls and sketchy Facebook ads swarming in Alabama ahead of Tuesday’s special Senate election between Democrat Doug Jones and accused child molester Roy Moore, another prominent Republican voice has called on Alabama voters to head to the polls and reject Roy Moore: Condoleeza Rice.

In a statement, the former Secretary of State and Birmingham native calls the special election one of the most significant political contests in Alabama’s history and urges voters to follow their values while casting their vote. She does so without actually mentioning Moore by name.

“I encourage you to take a stand for our core principles and for what is right. These critical times require us to come together to reject bigotry, sexism, and intolerance.”

However, even without mentioning Moore specifically, it’s clear that Rice, like Alabama Senator Richard Shelby, finds the disgraced judge unsuitable for the Senate.

“It is imperative for Americans to remain focused on our priorities and not give way to side shows and antics,” Rice said. “I know that Alabamans need an independent voice in Washington. But we must also insist that our representatives are dignified, decent, and respectful of the values we hold dear.”

During the 2016 election, Rice made it clear that she was not interested in being a running mate for President Trump and called on him to withdraw from the election after the Access Hollywood tape was made public.