This Crocodile Ruined A Couple’s Late Night Swim In A Hotel Pool

There are a couple rules when it comes to swimming: always have a buddy in the deep end, wait 15 minutes to jump into the pool after eating and, if you happen to be vacationing in Africa, watch out for crocodiles in your hotel pool.

The couple in this video – we’re assuming they’re just a pair of nice, unsuspecting tourists – obviously never learned that last one. In this truly terrifying footage from a CCTV camera shared by Youtube user Zimboo88, a man and a woman look to be enjoying a late night dip in a hotel pool in Kariba, Zimbabwe when a crocodile crashes their party.

The couple can be seen swimming near a corner of the pool before the crocodile slowly creeps to the edge and dives in. While the man is able to quickly jump out of the water, the woman isn’t as lucky. She tries to put some distance between herself and the scaly menace by swimming to the other side of the pool but the crocodile follows. There’s a short, horrifying second before the animal lunges, taking a chunk out of her arm. Luckily another guest was able to scare the beast off and the woman managed to climb out of the pool and rush to safety.

Lesson learned: crocodiles make for the worst third wheels. Hopefully the women’s injuries aren’t too serious and both people recover from the scary incident soon.

(Via Mashable)