Ted Cruz Fears The GOP Will Be ‘A Laughingstock’ If The Trumpcare Bill Fails

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Senator Ted Cruz knows Republicans are feeling the heat with Trumpcare, but he told reporters on Wednesday that “failure is not an option” in repealing Obamacare. Cruz went on to say they have a small window to get Trumpcare passed, and if they fail, the GOP could be seen as a “laughingstock.”

Republicans have worked tirelessly to repeal the Affordable Care Act, and with a GOP Congress and president, they finally have their opportunity. But it’s been a bumpy road, as some believe Trumpcare was hastily put together, and the White House’s own analysis didn’t paint a pretty picture of how many people will lose their health coverage over the next decade. It’s gotten so bad that Trump sent out Kellyanne Conway to distance him from the Trumpcare label.

Even with Health Secretary Tom Price contending that “nobody will be worse off financially” after the repeal, some lawmakers still aren’t so sure about its future. Cruz was blunt in his assertion that the GOP’s been served an opportunity, and if they don’t come through, a failure could have ripple effects:

“Failure is not an option. If Republicans take this opportunity and blow it, we will rightly be considered a laughingstock … For six years, Republicans have campaigned over and over and over again saying, ‘If only you’d give us the House, we’ll repeal ObamaCare, If you only give us the Senate, we’ll repeal ObamaCare. If only you give us the White House, we’ll repeal ObamaCare.’ You know what? We’re out of excuses.”

And it’s looking like Republicans may have a tough road ahead, as The Hill noted thirteen House Republicans will oppose the bill. And that’s only if it passes through the House Budget and Rules committee, where the Democratic members are expected to vote against it. It’s looking like House Speaker Paul Ryan’s claim that they’ll have the votes to pass it is only a pipe dream.

(Via The Hill)