Christopher Cantwell, The White Supremacist Featured In Vice’s Charlottesville Doc, Got Bailed Out By The Internet

Christopher Cantwell, who is best known by the Internet as the “crying Nazi” from Vice’s Charlottesville mini-documentary, was utterly “terrified” in June by his newly mainstream reputation for pushing racially-fueled violence and went into hiding. He eventually did turn himself in to police, and he was booked on a charge of felony use of tear gas. Vice now reports that Cantwell’s $25,000 bail has now been posted after a crowdfunding push by those who share his white supremacist views. As of last Friday, he’s at home, but he’s not pleased.

Vice spoke with Cantwell this weekend and learned that he (claims to have) received over $40,000 through multiple initiatives linked from his website:

Cantwell’s website links to fundraising pages on both Hatreon and GoyFundMe, and also invites people to send him money using bitcoin. His page on Hatreon lists 43 contributors that have raised around $500 per month for him specifically, although the platform says it’s undergoing maintenance and not receiving donations. And GoyFundMe hosts a page called the “1433 Justice Fund,” which has raised $29,628 from 453 people.

The number “1433” is associated with “national capitalism” or “anarcho-capitalists with white nationalist leanings,” according to several posts online that also describe Cantwell as an eminent proponent of that particular philosophy. Those posts also note that “14” references a popular slogan among white supremacists, while “33” is a stand-in for “CC,” or Chris Cantwell.

Can you imagine donating $500 per month to an individual? That’s what Cantwell claims has happened, but he’s not entirely happy because he’d like to “turn it up to 11,” politically speaking. Cantwell is quite perturbed by what he fears is a collapsing far-right movement, and he can’t be as active as he’d like under house arrest (as such, he is prohibited from carrying a gun in public) in Virginia. Since he’s wearing an ankle bracelet, he’s unable go out and rally for his cause. “I can’t even take out the damn garbage,” he complained.

There’s no word yet on whether Cantwell is also feeling salty about being kicked off dating sites following his sudden burst of fame.

(Via Vice)