U.S. Diplomats In Cuba Are Suffering Serious Conditions, Including Brain Injury, After A ‘Sonic Attack’

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In late 2016, U.S. diplomats in Cuba began experiencing strange symptoms including nausea and hearing loss that led to several cutting their tours short and returning to the U.S. early. The U.S. concluded that the diplomats were the victims of a “sonic attack” from a device that emitted frequencies outside the range of audible sound as either a surveillance mission or something else. However, while investigators try to figure out if Cuba acted alone (or is being framed, even), reports of the diplomats’ medical conditions are even worse than expected.

According to CBS News, one doctor who examined U.S. and Canadian diplomats diagnosed traumatic brain injury and central nervous system damage to some of their patients. As others have reported headaches and balance disorders, the doctors have conducted a full battery of tests on both returning personnel and those still stationed in Cuba, where reports of ongoing “attacks” continue. In their reports, the doctors cautioned against further exposure as symptoms could worsen or new ones could arise.

The diplomats have also been subjected to other forms of harassment like vandalism and break-ins at their homes. While the U.S. hasn’t directly accused Cuba of involvement, it has both publicly and privately reminded the country of its obligation to protect diplomatic employees within its borders.

(Via CBS News)