CNN’s Chris Cuomo Tries To Wake Rudy Giuliani Up: You’re Disregarding Facts, ‘You’re In Trump Land’

Rudy Giuliani‘s support of Donald Trump may have reached its highest point (and at the same time, rock bottom) on CNN’s New Day. On Tuesday, the former New York City mayor chatted with Chris Cuomo about the election season, but the conversation quickly turned contentious as Cuomo grilled Giuliani about his unflinching support of Trump and acceptance of conspiracy theories regarding Hillary Clinton.

Giuliani has been one of Trump’s most ardent surrogates while taking the proverbial bullet for Trump on the talk show circuit. The former Republican presidential hopeful has used every excuse in the book to support Trump, including calling out dead people and blaming the public for Trump’s birtherism claims. He even called Trump a “genius” for evading paying taxes. But Cuomo wasn’t about to let Giuliani continue to disregard facts in favor of blind support of Trump:

“I have looked up to you my entire life because you’re so accurate, and all of a sudden you’re in Trump land, and the facts are all over the place.”

The interview had a number of back and fourths, as the two consistently talked over each other. Cuomo tried to jump in at some points to tell Giuliani the facts don’t back up his claims, but Rudy didn’t seem to care. Cuomo hit the pause button to voice his displeasure with Giuliani’s comments saying, “You can have your own opinion, but you seems like you are feeding the Trump argument that it was fixed.”

Many times during the interview Cuomo looked bummed out, realizing his hero has devolved into a Trump yes man. For Giuliani, the interview was another installment in a long list of odd media appearances, which have become his new calling card.

(Via Raw Story & Media Matters for America)

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