‘The Daily Show’ Lives Its ‘Ferris Bueller’ Fantasies Before Tackling The Murder Problem In Chicago

For its week-long stay in Chicago, The Daily Show seems to be ditching the desk for a more stand-up take on its format. It puts Trevor Noah in his comfort zone to kick off the show and also allows the show to focus on what has been a hot political topic in the city at the center of it all. That means some discussion about Donald Trump and his fixation on the murders in Chicago.

What shouldn’t get buried here is that Chicago does have a crime problem, there’s violence and it needs some spotlight away from the talking heads of cable news. Luckily, The Daily Show gets out to talk with Chicago natives with its second segment, but the first is dedicated to finding out why Chicago is such a focal point for political discussion, particularly from the Right.

For Trevor Noah, it becomes pretty clear almost immediately after rolling through of a few clips of the usual suspects from Fox News and the NRA and their obsession with President Obama:

“Oh, now I get it. When there’s shootings, Obama from Chicago. All the other times, he’s from Kenya.”

As he points out, there’s plenty of murder in many cities around the country and some with higher rates than Chicago — singling out St. Louis and Baltimore as examples. He also gets a nice burn on Cleveland in the process, though you have to wonder if the day of Cleveland joke will soon come to an end.

In the second segment, Roy Wood Jr. heads to the South Side of Chicago to meet up with CeaseFire and see how they are helping to educate and combat the violence on the streets. They talk to some people who live in the area and look at how the group has been effective in helping lower the number of murders in the neighborhoods they operate in.

It’s looking to possibly be a thoughtful week in Chicago that gives the show a break from the endless run of “what is making us angry today?” And it also gave Noah and crew a chance to live out their Ferris Bueller fantasies in a mad dash to get to the theater, with Wood Jr. delivering the most memorable moment.

(Via The Daily Show)