Daniel Radcliffe Echoes The Youth Vote By Calling Trump And Brexit ‘Scary As Sh*t’

Add Daniel Radcliffe to the horde of famous voices speaking out against both the Brexit and Donald Trump. The British actor explained in a recent interview what he sees as some very strong, very eerie similarities between Thursday’s vote by the UK to leave to European Union and the rise of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee in this country. And he doesn’t like them one bit.

“It’s the worst kind of nationalism, the worst kind of patriotism, and it’s scary as sh*t. I think it’s interesting to view it all through the lens of you’re potentially going to get Donald Trump as your president. Can you trust him to not use that stuff in a way that is not petty and belligerent?”

Radcliffe, who of course originated the role of Harry Potter on screen, is currently in theaters in a pair of movies that couldn’t be much different. He plays the villain in the sequel Now You See Me 2, and the hope and inspiration in the divisively received Swiss Army Man, known fondly in some circles as “the farting corpse movie.”

It makes sense why the current global political climate is on Radcliffe’s mind. He’ s currently rehearsing for the new play Privacy, to put on at the Public Theater, in the lead role. The play is said to be inspired by the life and story of Edward Snowden and focuses on “the protection of personal information in the digital age.”

(via Variety)

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