Parkland Survivor David Hogg Is Writing A Book With His Sister Lauren About Their Experience

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Since the deadly shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, survivors David Hogg and Lauren Hogg have, along with several other students, the face of a new gun control movement. In a new effort to raise money so that they can “help heal the community,” the Hogg siblings announced they will co-author a book about their experiences. The new book, titled #NeverAgain, will also include a foreword by fellow Parkland survivor Emma Gonzalez.

The Hoggs broke the news on Twitter. “Today Lauren Hogg and I are announcing our book #NeverAgain that tells the story of the foundation of this movement for those we lost,” wrote David. “Lauren and I will be using the money made from the book to help heal the community.”

According to book publisher Penguin Random House, the Hoggs’ book will be “a manifesto for the movement begun that day” in February:

With moral force and clarity, a new generation has made it clear that problems previously deemed unsolvable due to powerful lobbies and political cowardice will be theirs to solve. Born just after Columbine and raised amid seemingly endless war and routine active shooter drills, this generation now says, Enough. This book is their statement of purpose, and the story of their lives. It is the essential guide to the #NeverAgain movement.

The book is set to be released June 5th.