Samantha Bee Enlists A Former ‘Doctor Who’ Star To Read Mean Scottish Tweets About Donald Trump


There’s nothing funny about the United Kingdom’s decision to leave the European Union after last week’s torrential Brexit vote. From worried voters who didn’t realize what they were voting for when they chose “leave,” to potential economic repercussions in the entertainment industry, what amounts to the largest global financial upset in years isn’t just going to blow over. Especially if presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump doesn’t stop using the story as yet another one of his impromptu foreign policy talking points while out on the campaign trail.

Full Frontal host Samantha Bee discussed Brexit’s implications for the United States and Trump’s predictably disastrous entry into the conversation on Monday. And a humorous chunk of the segment’s final minutes was dedicated to highlighting the Donald’s ignorant tweets and comments about the vote, which he claimed was supported by the people of Scotland. Turns out they overwhelmingly voted to remain, so Scottish and British Twitter users united online against Trump’s idiocy. To celebrate their brief (re-)union, Bee recruited former Doctor Who star and Scotsman David Tennant to read a few of the best tweets aloud.

Among many, many fantastic insults, perhaps the best — as read by Tennant’s wonderful Scottish accent — were “wiggy slice,” “ludicrous tangerine ballbag,” “toupeed f*cktrumpet” and “cocksplat.” I’m not entirely sure what a “cocksplat” is, nor do I genuinely want to know, but it’s a fantastic troll of an insult, and Tennant’s reading of it makes it all the better.

Too bad current Doctor Who lead Peter Capaldi didn’t get in on the being-an-angry-Scotsman action. If he and Tennant were ever to team up for anything that wasn’t related to the hit sci-fi series, taking on Trump’s ignorance vis-à-vis the history of Scotland’s relations with Britain would be one hell of a cause.