Samantha Bee Breaks Down The Darker Side Of ‘Brexit’ And How It Affects America

We’ve seen plenty of takes on the Brexit up to this point, with plenty of doomsaying and jokes about Boris Johnson filling Twitter feeds over the weekend. Both are fun to do, so you can’t really blame folks. The trouble is that the Brexit vote did happen and things aren’t exactly showing up as promised in the light of day for many who voted for the exodus. That said, it’s all apparently going well for folks like Donald Trump and Sarah Palin.

That’s because most of them see it as a sign of things to come, which Samantha Bee points out in her latest fiery segment. There’s plenty of voices being shown that are worried that the Brexit vote might foreshadow the Trump victory here in the America, but what Bee truly does well here is show the similarities in the voters that supported Brexit and their counterparts here in America. The nasty parts of the Brexit fallout has been the racism we’ve seen online, especially in the #PostRefRacism hashtag. Then she comes back to America and we get another whiff of this guy:

I’d hate to mess up his order at Burger King. End up with a fry basket jammed inside me.

Bee finishes her segment with some positive aspects that isn’t truly being highlighted between the UK and United States. There’s a major difference between the racial breakdown in both countries and also in religious beliefs, leading to a shocking bit where Bee actually praises Evangelical Christians. Maybe it truly is the end of the world?

(Via Full Frontal)