Donald Trump: I Bought Favors From All Of The Candidates On Stage With Me Tonight

If you didn’t think that idea of Donald Trump donating to his Democratic opponents and his fellow candidates wouldn’t come up at the Fox News GOP Debate, you probably should’ve been watching the earlier debate. Lindsey Graham shared some fine Brown Betty recipes and taught Rick Perry how to read. It was lovely.

Here, we get in the dirt, the muck. No recipes being slung, just mud and sharp tongues. And probably a fair share of bull, but that’s expected. Trump noted that he had probably donated to most of the folks on stage and explained what he got in return for donating to Hillary Clinton and Nancy Pelosi. Apparently Clinton showed up to Trump’s wedding, but he had no clue she was going to use that cash for private plane trips and pancake dinners. Fancy living on the Donald’s dime.

I do like how no one he allegedly gave money to denied it and even joked that they hope he’ll donate some more if they win the nomination. Politics is a wonderful realm, especially when the topic of money is brought up.

(Via Fox News)