Elizabeth Warren Goes In For Round Two After Donald Trump Belittles Her As ‘Goofy’

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The day after Donald Trump locked down the Republican nomination for president, Massachusetts senator Elizabeth Warren eviscerated his tactics and credentials on Twitter. One of her previous tweets called Trump out for the xenophobia and sexism his campaign has displayed:

So how does Trump respond? By questioning her Native American heritage, of course.

That’s a lot of uses of the word “goofy.” It’s unlike Trump to give “loser” the day off. But more importantly, he insinuates that Warren got to where she is in life by playing up a Native American heritage that’s false. According to the Huffington Post, he even said that she got into Harvard “because she said she was a minority.” This was an oft-repeated claim against Warren when she ran for senator in 2012.

Anyway, Warren of course saw this attack, and went back in on Saturday.

She also questions Trump’s choice of insult.

And then addressed the Native American comments.

Looks like Warren is remembering Obama roasting Trump over the birther controversy. By bringing up Scott Brown’s attempts to discredit her through her heritage, she’s also warning him about how personal attacks can actually backfire, even though they haven’t really touched Trump yet.

Maybe things will be different, now that we’re pretty much in the general election phase. Something tells me that even if Trump does win the White House, Elizabeth Warren won’t be backing down.