A Trump Fan Buys ‘’ And Redirects It To Elizabeth Warren’s Site

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Questions about Donald Trump‘s apparent racism have dotted his campaign for the White House since the beginning, with Trump’s entire platform built around rallying war cries to his followers to “Build the Wall” between Mexico and the United States. While slips of the tongue do happen when being in front of the press and the public often when it comes to Trump these issues seem to continue to emerge. Trump’s recent hits including pointing out an African American person in an audience and claiming he was “[his] African American,” as well as bringing a judge’s ethnicity into play as a criticism meant to undermine his decisions.

The latest from Mr. Trump is another battle in what has been a long-waged social media and media war with Senator Elizabeth Warren. Warren, who is looking more and more to be Hillary Clinton’s selection for running mate in this election, has been an outspoken critic of Trump. Now with her becoming a central figure in the media with speculation about her being added to the Clinton campaign she has become a prime target for Trump at his rallies. According to the Washington Post, Trump has singled out one particular insult to lob at her; insulting her proposed Native American heritage by calling her “Pocahontas.”

At a recent rally, he went all-in on the “Pocahontas” insults, which resulted in the crowd going full force at her with mock Native American war cries. This comes at a time when the NFL’s Washington Redskins have been under constant fire for a name that many consider offensive towards America’s original inhabitants. Needless to say, many are finding Trump’s attacks to be in incredibly bad taste, but that just seems to be another day for Donald Trump, as well as a part of why so many are rallying behind the candidate.

How pumped up are people for this latest round of insults? Enough for a crafty Trump supporter to purchase the domain of and redirect it to Elizabeth Warren’s site.

(Via Washington Post)