Donald Trump’s Super Tuesday Victory Is Inspiring Massive Amounts Of Google Searches On How To Move To Canada

As expected, Donald Trump won big on Super Tuesday. So there’s apparently a lot of people who like him enough to vote for him as president. Yet there are also a ton of people who want to move to Canada after his latest victories. Who wants to bet that Chris Christie is one of them?

The Hill reports that Google searches for “how can I move to Canada?” increased by a whopping 350 percent in the hours after Super Tuesday.

Google data editor Simon Rogers disseminated this information to the public, who looked up from their search results long enough to laugh mirthlessly and retweet this:

Google Trends has a handy graphic visualizing this search spike:

Meanwhile, the New York Daily News has published a cover story that’s a guide to fleeing Donald Trump’s eventual America. They suggest everywhere from Singapore (as the most well rounded country) to Ecuador (the cheapest/happiest) for those privileged Americans who can get out of dodge on a moment’s notice, and don’t want to Make America Great Again.

Of course, Canada gets the moniker of the most cliche country to want to move to (you can thank the George Bush-inspired 2004 spike for that nickname). The guide also has advice on how to get a work visa abroad, what jobs to take, and even cheekily suggests illegal immigration as the ultimate civil disobedience move.

(via The Hill and New York Daily News)