Trump Scolds Reporters For Bumping A Lamp At His Meeting With South Korea’s President: ‘You Guys Are Getting Worse’

Mom always said, don’t play ball in the house. President Trump clearly wished the press had gotten a similar warning after they jostled the Oval Office furniture during a packed photo op during the visit from South Korean President Moon Jae-in. The difference is instead of the warm parental tone, Trump leapt at the opportunity for a stern lecture over the “bumpcident.”

“Easy, fellas. Hey, fellas. Fellas, easy,” Trump told the journalists as his body guard, Keith Schiller, rushes to steady a lamp wobbling on the jostled table. In the background, someone off-camera shouts “Hey! You’re knocking the furniture down! Stop!”

Glaring at the press pool in front of him, the President added, “Wow, you guys are getting worse. They knocked the table down.” Luckily the lamp was saved, as was the table it was sitting on, and no real harm seemed to be done. But Trump took the whole thing as not only childish carelessness on the part of the boom operators, but as an act verging on aggression. “It’s actually a very friendly press, don’t let that get you,” he reassured Moon Jae-in. “Although we just lost the table.” The entire situation seems even odder as described by reporter Steve Herman.

No one has come forward yet to illuminate the public on whether one of then men holding the boom mics tossed and turned last night, hearing Trump’s final line echoing in his dreams: “We lost the table. We lost the table. We lost the table.” Surely the guilt is overwhelming after Trump’s stern admonishment.

(Via: Death and Taxes / Mashable)