Donald Trump Knows He’s Copying Hitler, Doubles Down On Muslim Registration Promises

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Mobile, Alabama
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Yesterday, GOP front-runner Donald Trump said that he wouldn’t be opposed to requiring Muslims in America to register in a national database and possibly carry special identification based on their religion. While some people applauded the plan, others wondered if Trump knew that ideas like his had been tried before — in Nazi Germany. Well, you can stop wondering, because Donald Trump totally knows that what he’s proposing sounds a lot like some of the rules implemented for Jews during the Holocaust.

The New York Times reports that after Trump’s interview with Yahoo News dropped, the business tycoon doubled down on his stance regarding illegal immigration and citizen registration, making it crystal clear that it’s not something he’s just considering, it’s something that would happen under his leadership. “They have to be,” he said about the forced registration. “They have to be.’’

When asked how a system of registering Muslims would be carried out — whether, for instance, mosques would be where people could register — Mr. Trump said: “Different places. You sign up at different places. But it’s all about management. Our country has no management.’’

Different places? If he weren’t so serious, I’d almost wager he was making a Showgirls joke. But you know, the more ridiculous something is, the more true it’s gotta be. And no one could make up Trump’s other controversial statement. When an NBC reporter asked the presidential hopeful how his plan to sign people up at mosques and then track them would be any different than that of Hitler’s, Trump said, “You tell me.”

Trump hasn’t yet said whether his database would include only immigrant Muslims, anyone who identifies as one, or just anyone of Middle Eastern origin, but he’s got plenty of time to figure that out before the elections.

Hillary Clinton has already weighed in on Trump’s ideas following the release of the NYT article:

(Via The New York Times)