Donald Trump Live-Tweeted His Disapproval Of President Obama’s Terrorism Speech

Donald Trump Holds Campaign Rally In Davenport, Iowa
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No one expected Donald Trump to fully approve of President Obama‘s White House address on terrorism tonight. The tweets of angry sports fans should have been enough in the way of complaints, but there was another fire-spitting fulcrum at work. Trump’s very presence has turned into a spectator sport, so when he vowed to live-tweet the speech and “talk radical Islamic terrorism,” Twitter tuned in for the excitement.

Was it exciting? Trump ripped Obama apart in a number of ways. He also criticized the Oval Office’s decor and retweeted a follower’s grammatical error. Trump disapproved of Obama saying “ISIL” instead of “ISIS,” which was simply something else to complain about. To Trump, dealing with the ISIS “safe havens” is not only about kicking ass but also nabbing “the oil,” and he is disgusted at a president who doesn’t shout every word. Trump also took a moment to remind the people that he would be a better president. It’s all a little exhausting, but Twitter lit up Trump’s tidbits with hearts and retweets. Trump loves his fans and critics and can’t live without either side.

Here are the evening’s Trump tweets, but first, let’s have a word from Stephen King.