Donald Trump Tried To Make America Great Again With This Photo, But Ended Up Making It White

After one of the most “batsh*t crazy” White House press conferences you’re ever going to see, where he asked a black reporter if she’s “friends” with the Congressional Black Caucus and claimed “drugs are becoming cheaper than candy bars,” President Donald Trump signed House Joint Resolution 38.

The White House claims the bill stops the “costly” Stream Protection Rule — which prohibits surface mining within 100 feet of streams — from “further harming coal workers and the communities that depend on them.” H.J. Resolution 38 will “eliminate another terrible job-killing rule,” according to Trump, “saving many thousands of American jobs, especially in the mines,” despite evidence that it would have created nearly as many jobs as it cost.

It’s part of the Great Unchecked Legislative F*ckfest of 2017, where, as Samantha Bee put it, the Republican Congress has been going “hog wild, like Amish twins on rumspringa.” Deborah Murray, an attorney with the Southern Environmental Law Center, put H.J. Resolution 38 in slightly more diplomatic terms. “Leaders in Congress and the administration chose to put coal-mining profits over the health and safety of Appalachian communities,” she said. “Limiting the toxic waste coal companies can dump in our rivers and streams is not a burdensome government regulation; it is common sense and, quite frankly, the job of our federal government.” It’s also the government’s job to pose for photos that are as awkward as they are not diverse, apparently.

On Thursday night, the official @POTUS account posted the photo above (which was taken during a “listening session” with congressional members). By Friday morning, social media responded to it with a different finger.

(Via Twitter)