Trump Praises Saddam Hussein Over His Lack Of Respect For Due Process And Civil Liberties

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The Donald has done his best to collect the approval of almost every terrible person around the planet, and Vladimir Putin — a kind, gentle soul that has never hurt another living thing. He’s got the endorsement of North Korea too. That’s some fiery company to keep.

This time around, Trump isn’t going to get anything in return, but he is adding another name to his gallery of authoritarian idols in the form of Saddam Hussein. Just like he praised Putin for his “no nonsense” attitude towards journalists, Trump has plenty of niceties to share about Hussein and his treatment of terrorists, as reported by The Daily Beast:

“You know, Saddam Hussein was a bad guy.” Trump should’ve stopped there and then focused on the intelligence errors leading up to the Iraq War. But, of course, he didn’t. Instead Trump then praised the former Iraqi leader saying, “But one thing about him: He killed terrorists.” He even said it a second time: “Saddam Hussein understood and he killed terrorists.”

There’s always a bit of truth mixed in with most of what Donald Trump is saying. There’s a good reason why there weren’t any terrorist acts in Iraq during Hussein’s reign. It’s hard to be a terrorist when the entire country is essentially run by a mad man, particularly one who’s willing to gas citizens and torture them.

At this rate, it’s probably only a matter of time before Trump offers praise for Joseph Stalin.

(Via The Daily Beast)