Donald Trump Sparks A Backlash After Tweeting A Photo Of Clinton And The Star Of David
Getty Image / Donald Trump

Another day, another Donald Trump controversy. This time he and his team managed to offend Jewish people, people on Twitter, and graphic designers with one ad. Trump whips out the Crooked Hillary nickname with the attack ad boasting a Fox News poll that states 58% of those polled believe Clinton is corrupt. Here’s the second version the Trump team posted via his Twitter account:

Now this alone isn’t truly enough to cause uproar. It was the former version that put people in a tizzy and made Star of David a trending topic on the social media site:

Not the best look and certainly not good one for our allies in Israel. Things are getting presidential. The original tweet featuring the Star tweet above was deleted, but its remnants remain in the newly edited version. That’s because the team only covered up the star with a circle instead of fully deleting it from the ad. You can still see the points of the six-sided star sticking out from under the circle:

The reactions are exactly the type you would expect. Some are after the laziness of it all, others are out there upset with the ideas presented in the ad, and surely there are just a few out there who are willing to say they just don’t like anything Trump manages to do.

The man still has his supporters, though:

The facts here are one image was tweeted, deleted, and then replaced with another image. Someone clearly thought something was off on the Trump team, so calling it a sheriff’s badge can only carry you so far.

(Via Buzzfeed News)