Dylann Roof Laughed While Confessing To The Charleston Church Shooting In A Newly Released Video

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The ongoing trial of Dylann Roof took another turn as the shooter confessed to the heinous crime in a recently released video confession. But in a revelation that will surely send shivers down spines, Roof laughed when he confessed to the crime.

The recently released video was played during Roof’s death penalty trial in South Carolina and a number of revelations came forward. Roof admitted that he did enter the Emanuel African Methodist Episcopal Church and when prodded if he did, in fact, commit the shooting, Roof said he did and reportedly chuckled afterward.

But Roof apparently did not seem to comprehend the situation he was in, as he admitted he wasn’t sure how many people he shot. Interviewers alerted him that he shot nine people, but Roof didn’t seem to believe them. Roof admitted he may have shot five people, but when told he killed nine people, Roof quipped “I wouldn’t believe you…There wasn’t even nine people there. Are you guys lying to me?”

Despite being ruled competent to stand trial, Roof appeared honest in his responses. He seemed to insinuate to investigators he was sent on a mission saying, “Somebody had to do it…black people are killing white people every day… What I did is so minuscule compared to what they do to white people every day.” The current revelations are chilling to comprehend. You can see the chilling video below, but know that it could be hard to watch:

(Via CNN)