Elizabeth Warren Agrees That The Democratic Nomination Was ‘Rigged’ In Hillary Clinton’s Favor

On Thursday, Elizabeth Warren spoke with CNN’s Jake Tapper about her opposition to the new GOP tax plan. And there was one unavoidable subject that Tapper mentioned in closing, which involved former interim DNC Chair Donna Brazile’s claim that the 2016 nomination was “rigged” in Hillary Clinton’s favor. Warren did not hesitate — she simply held out her arms and exclaimed, “Yes!” — when Tapper asked if she agreed that the primary was decided in advance and that Bernie Sanders never stood a chance.

This answer, of course, arrives after Warren’s very public support for Hillary once the nomination was formally declared, but Brazile’s unveiling of her claims (while promoting her upcoming book) also included the notion that no leading Democrats (not even Bernie) hesitated to support the chosen candidate. As everyone knows by now, those efforts to fully unite the party behind Hillary didn’t drive enough Democrats to the polls, but all of that talk has already been rehashed far too much.

Where the DNC goes from here is another matter. Like Brazile, current Chair Tom Perez likely faces funding issues, which is apparently why the committee struck a deal over Hillary’s nomination in the first place. Now, the DNC will have to hustle to establish voter trust again before 2020. Exactly why Brazile made her revelation now — after controversially leaking debate questions to the Clinton campaign — shall remain a mystery (*cough book sales*).

Watch a longer clip of Warren’s CNN appearance below.

UPDATE: Warren repeated her sentiments on PBS NewsHour and stressed that the Democratic party needs to regroup and get it together for 2020.

(Via CNN)