A Truck Plowed Into The Endymion Mardi Gras Parade In New Orleans, Injuring Dozens

This video from shows the aftermath of a Saturday night incident, in which a vehicle plowed into the Krewe of Endymion parade — one of the largest events of the city’s annual Mardi Gras celebration — in New Orleans. At least 25 people sustained injuries (many of a critical nature) in the crash, which took place at around 6:45 local time.

Police currently suspect that the driver was “highly intoxicated” with Mayor Mitch Landrieu stressing that terrorism does not appear to be a cause at this time. Multiple witnesses added to The Advocate that the truck’s driver appeared to be “out of it.” Eyewitness Carrie Kinsella tells the outlet that she felt the involved vehicle brush past her at one of the parade’s key intersections: “I actually literally felt it. I felt a rush it was so fast.”

New Orleans PD spokesperson Ambria Washington issued more details to on the situation. “Initial reports show so far about a dozen people are in critical condition,” Washington stated. “That number could increase as the investigation is ongoing.” The Advocate reports that none of the injuries appear to be life-threatening in nature.

Earlier on Saturday in New Orleans, a man was wounded by gunshot during the Krewe of Tucks parade. Authorities believe that incident was an accident with a gun inadvertently firing in a port-o-potty along the parade route. One man was wounded outside the port-o-potty with no fatalities reported.

Also on Saturday, a motorist in Heidelberg, Germany drove into a group of pedestrians. The incident injured at least three victims (one critically). Police reportedly shot the suspect, who is now hospitalized, after he attempted to leave the scene. The suspect was carrying a knife, although police state that no known motive is known at this time.

The Germany event follows a recent Berlin incident of terrorism, in which a truck plowed into a Christmas market, injuring dozens of shoppers. In July 2016, a truck attack in Nice, France killed at least 70 people on Bastille Day.

(Via, Fox 8, The Advocate & CNN)

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