Eric Trump Said It Took ‘Courage’ For His Father Not To Discuss Bill Clinton’s Infidelities During Debate

The Donald Trump campaign is still doing its victory lap from Monday night’s presidential debate (even though the only immediate and legit audience poll showed a Trump loss), especially because it felt the Republican presidential nominee held back. Trump has repeatedly said he would bring up Bill Clinton’s infidelities if Hillary didn’t play nice, but he has yet to make good on his supposed threat. Members of his campaign, especially his son Eric, feel he is taking the high road not talking about Bill.

On Tuesday, Eric told 1040 WHO Iowa radio, as reported by BuzzFeed News, how his father dominated the first presidential debate. He also stated that it took “courage” to not to make a comment about Clinton’s infidelities. He said dear old dad could have made some snide remark about his opponent’s husband, but he decided to pass:

“I mean, he very well could’ve looked down — and he said it when he came off the debate stage, ‘I wasn’t gonna respond to that question because I saw Chelsea in the front row and I just wasn’t gonna go there out of respect for her.’ And that was a big moment for me and probably will actually become, my life and this campaign, and probably will be something I’ll always remember.”

During the debate, Trump took any chance he could to interrupt Clinton, so declining this proverbial trump card seems a bit odd. Eric said his father was merely taking the “high road”:

“I mean, he really took the high ground where he had the opportunity to go very, very low. And I’m proud of him for doing that. I mean, I’m really proud of him for doing that. And I think people recognize that. I mean, there are a lot of people who came up to me, including many in the media, who said listen, he could’ve just crushed her on that last question. And he would’ve probably hurt a family if he did…I think that took a lot of courage.”

After the debate, Trump said he avoided the topic because he saw Chelsea Clinton was in attendance. But she has gone on record to say she wasn’t impressed by Trump and his braggadocious attitude about the supposed slight to her father.

(Via BuzzFeed News)

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