A Man Who Claimed He Was Stabbed For ‘Looking Like’ A White Supremacist Was Arrested For A False Report

Earlier this month (following violence in Charlottesville by Nazis/white supremacists), a man in Sheridan, Colorado reported that he was stabbed in the hand outside of a Steak ‘n Shake after being asked if he was a white supremacist (the Denver Post further adds that the man felt that he was being accused of “looking like” one). The police have now made an arrest — over the filing of a false police report.

According to the original reports, a few days after the white supremacist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, Joshua Witt got out of his car and was approached by a stranger who asked if he was a “neo-Nazi” and started slashing him. Witt said that he shielded himself, and the assailant ran away.

The police grew skeptical of Witt’s claim when surveillance footage showed no one fleeing from the scene, but surveillance footage from a sporting goods store did show Witt buying a knife. When confronted by the police, Witt said he cut his hand accidentally while he was in his car.

Witt was arrested after admitting that he cut himself and made up the story about being stabbed. Witt, who is on active duty in the U.S. Navy, had posted photos of his injury, which he claimed were defensive wounds, on Facebook as well as the fake story.

He faces a fine of over $2,500 and up to a year in prison if convicted.

(Via Denver Post)