The FBI Is Investigating A Couple Arrested For Making ‘Terroristic’ Threats At An Arkansas Diner

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Alan and Daphne Crawford have had a high profile year in terms of being in the Arkansas headlines. At the end of 2015, the couple were highlighted for being escorted out of an Arkansas mall while wearing a hijab and thobe. Authorities involved were informed that the couple were filming storefronts inside the mall, but they tell a different story to KTRK:

A reporter asked Crawford, “Are you planning an attack on Central Mall?”

He replied, “Well, I would probably actually destroy a bacon cheese burger or some fries with bacon on them. But I mean, really two weeks before this, we went to the mall when we were scouting out the mall the first time quote unquote, we ate a load of bacon cheese fries which ISIS would happily kill me before because I read in my book I’m not supposed to eat bacon and I did it anyway.”

Now we’re a little over six months from that incident and the Crawfords are back in the headlines, and in the hands of the authorities. They are being charged with making terroristic threats after they became frustrated with a waitress at Mel’s Diner in Prarie Grove, Arkansas:

He felt she was slamming the door from the dining room to the kitchen, according to an arrest warrant affidavit from Washington County. Crawford said “Only a Christian would treat them like that,” then became more frustrated because he felt his order was taking too long and he thought the food was too expensive, the affidavit states.

Before the couple left, Daphne Crawford told the waitress “People like you are the reason we kill,” according to the affidavit.

The Crawfords apparently did not stop with their reported threats at the Diner, taking to social media and allegedly threatening a woman who asked about the incident:

Daphne Crawford initiated a conversation with the woman in which she stated her husband, Alan, would show up with an AK-47 and is a former Navy SEAL, the affidavit states. Daphne Crawford also sent the woman a photo of her husband in Muslim attire kneeling with a weapon described as an assault rifle

On top of all this, Alan Crawford was also connected to another incident at a local car lot involving a transaction over a damaged vehicle. Crawford was arrested after the situation turned tense and Crawford seemed willing to initiate violence:

Crawford became irate and stated he was going to kill the victim, then went to a woman who was sitting in the loaner vehicle and told her to give him a gun, according to the arrest report. The woman refused and the two left the area.

The couple are being held on $10,000 bond following the incidents and the FBI has become involved in connection to the threats made at the diner. Alan Crawford has reportedly refused all interviews with authorities. You can check out the previous report below that features the Crawfords strange interview about the mall and “destroying bacon cheeseburgers.” The entire situation is odd and a bit frightening considering the tragic incident in Orlando.

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(Via 4029 / KFSM / ABC News / New York Daily News)