Ford Has Recalled Nearly 1.4 Million Cars Due To A ‘Potentially Loose’ Steering Wheel


The Ford Motor Company might be ahead of the curve when it comes to integrating Apple’s Siri into its cars, but the automaker tasking itself with building a fully robotic car by 2021 has a major problem on its hands. Quite literally, in fact, for USA Today is reporting that Ford has issued a recall for nearly 1.4 million of its various models due to a “potentially loose” steering wheel. So while Siri might be able to help you pick a favorite song or text some grocery list additions to your spouse, it probably won’t be able to help you with a nonexistent means of steering.

According to USA Today‘s report:

Ford Motor said Wednesday that it is issuing a safety recall for the 2014 through 2018 model-year Ford Fusion and Lincoln MKZ sedans.

The recall comes after officials discovered that the cars have “potentially loose steering wheel bolts that could result in a steering wheel detaching from the steering column,” Ford said in a statement.

The recall will presumably affect around 1.3 million vehicles in the United States, 62,000 in Canada, and 14,000 in Mexico. Ford and Lincoln customers with the identified makes and models in need of repairs will be notified when they can visit authorized dealers. Due to the nature of the recall, the requisite repairs made to the Fusion and MKZ’s steer wheel installations will be free of charge. Two accidents and one injury have been associated with the faulty steering wheel problem, according to Ford’s statement.

(Via USA Today)